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a Little About me

Myself M.Muniasamy shortly called as Samy the Proprietor of AMYTHI CREATIONS converted my passion on photography into my Profession. I was not that successful in my studies, So I decided to shape my career very strongly. I pushed myself into small jobs for daily wages. Later on being motivated by my friends I did a U.G degree in B.B.A, which developed my business skills. This step in my life took me to CANVERA where I worked earlier. Here I came to know about my passion on photography as my job was related to it. I then developed a taste on nature and on the go photography. I started clicking pictures on my mobile phone. I saw things in a different angle. I imagined everything through a camera lens. My Infinite love is on black and white photos as it revealed more beauty than being in colors.

Whenever my friends saw photos in my phone they appreciated my talent. It boosted me up. So I ended up creating a face book ID and uploaded my clicks on it. I got a few group of fans on it. Then the circle expanded and expanded. Seeing this I took a serious decision to quit my job and take photography as my profession. But there was some kind of hesitation and fear. Again my friends patted my shoulder and encouraged me to do it without any fear.

Munia Samy

I started meeting professionals in photography and got some quality advices and ideas. SO AT LAST I RESIGNED MY JOB AT CANVERA AND HAPPILY STARTED MY PROFESSION AS A PHOTOGRAPHER. I bought a Canon Mark 5 3d camera and accessories through funds from bank. Every day I keep learning new things with my camera. The relationship between me and my camera became inseparable. Its my infinite love. I love to explore new dimension and different light photography. I cherish this art whole heartedly. As I get along easily with everyone. I have more friends than clients. I become enthusiastic when I learn a new thing about photography and become anxious till I try what I learnt. I spend more time experimenting on gaining knowledge about capturing a perfect photography. All clients are satisfied and comfortable with my service so it creates a beautiful relationship. I always ensure to give quality service which is wholly based on 200% client satisfaction. I strive hard to produce more than what customers expect.

FINALLY ‘SAMY’ AN ORDINARY PHOTOGRAPHER, BECAME THE PROPRIETOR OF AMYTHI CREATIONS. AMYTHI is my aim, goal, love. Passion, life, profession, happiness and everything.

  • A - Admirable
  • M - Mind blowing
  • Y - Youthful
  • T - Thoughtful
  • H - High definitional
  • I - Intelligent
  • C R E A T I O N S

Photoshop 90%
Final Cut 88%
Studio Photography 85%
Motion Video 85%